Providing Web, Mobile and Desktop Solutions

Account Settings and Global Controls

 Administrators control the account settings of all ArchiveMax users and can easily configure permissions and privileges for the entire organization, a department and/or individual user accounts.

Configure policies for password strength and resets, failed logins and session durationaccess_global

Manage permissions for access, preview, editing, download and sharing

Password-protect confidential documents and set expiration dates for file access

How It Works: Cloud Content Management

It's a business fact: Today's enterprise content management solutions are complex, cumbersome and costly.

ArchiveMax Enterprise's cloud content management platform is intuitive, scalable, affordable and provides sophisticated security and admin controls. Bottom line: Both users and IT love and adopt ArchiveMax.



Anywhere, Anytime Access

With ArchiveMax, users view and share content from their desktops, laptops and mobile devices while IT retains full control and oversight.

Secure 24/7/365 content access: anywhere, from any deviceaccesible_globally

Easy sharing and collaboration, both internally and with external partners/vendors

Centralized IT oversight and standardized security controls span the entire enterprise




 Mobile Access