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eProcurment Application Development

eProcurement (electronic procurement, sometimes also known as supplier exchange) is the business-to-business or business-to-consumer purchase and sale of supplies and services through the Internet as well as other information and networking systems, such as Electronic Data Interchange and Enterprise Resource Planning. Typically, e-procurement Web sites allow qualified and registered users to look for buyers or sellers of goods and services. Depending on the approach, buyers or sellers may specify costs or invite bids. Transactions could be initiated and completed. Ongoing purchases may qualify customers for volume discounts or special offers. E-procurement software may make it possible to automate some

buying and selling. Companies participating expect to be able to control parts inventories more effectively, reduce purchasing agent overhead, and improve manufacturing cycles. eProcurement is expected to be integrated with the trend toward computerized supply chain management.

e-Indent management

Order for goods (placed often through a local or foreign agent of a foreign supplier) under specified conditions of sale, the acceptance of which by the supplier (or the agent) constitutes a contract of sale.

e-Vendor management -

ArchiveMax has a new solution for selecting reliable, effective suppliers. ArchiveMax system will replaces time consuming, ineffective reference checking phone calls with an easy to use, accurate, and inexpensive online assessment process.

 ArchiveMax takes the risk out of doing business with new suppliers. The best source of information about a supplier's current – and therefore future – performance is their customer base.

Phone reference checks try to get this information, but they are time consuming, costly, and usually ineffective.

Now ArchiveMax has a better way of predicting supplier performance.

ArchiveMax is a web-based solution that uses confidential customer feedback, gathered through advanced survey technology,to identify future performance levels and potential risks before they negatively affect your supply chain operations.

ArchiveMax technology converts confidential customer assessments into statistically meaningful predictions of supplier performance.

ArchiveMax provides answers to questions like…

Will suppliers deliver high quality products and services on time – and to specification?

Will customer service be timely, helpful and effective?

Will my suppliers act ethically & honestly?

Would clients use the supplier in the future?



 Although e-Tendering platform is mainly involved in the e-Tendering phase, it closely collaborates with the e-Notification and e-Awarding phases.

eNotification provides the necessary functionality to the administrations in order to draft electronic notices and support documentation (specifications, forms etc)..

eTendering includes the participation request and short listing (in the case of restricted procedures),The submission, the signing and the encryption of tender documents, together with the decryption, the opening and the generation of an opening report. This phase is fully covered by e-Tendering platform that allows Contracting Authorities to further download the tenders documents for initiating the evaluation section of the Electronic Awarding phase.

Electronic Awarding covers the decryption and opening of the tender documents, as well as, the evaluation and ranking of the tenderers. The contract will be awarded to the top scoring tenderer that satisfy the criteria stated in the contract notice.